Taiyo Fine Chemicals

Manegement Philosophy

Our mission is to make our society more pleasant,
with full utilization of our chemical technology.

“ Chemistry imply the relation between atoms. We believe that this “Chemistry” could imply the relationship among people.
Chemistry itself and human relationship, both are very important to our business, and we strongly believe these can lead us to pleasant society with full of excitement.

Basic management policy

  1. Our company strives for technological innovation based on chemical reactions, provides client satisfaction by creating new products and new businesses, and contributes to the development of society.
  2. In fulfilling our Manegement Philosophy, our company will fulfill our corporate social responsibility including legal compliance, environmental protection, thorough quality control, and social contribution.
  3. Our company pursues the stability and happiness of the lives of employees and their families.
  4. Our company always creates opportunities for employees to take on challenges and grow, and aims to be a group with high aspirations to achieve the goals.
  5. With the keyword “speed & communication”, our company will work with each company in the Taiyo Holdings Group to activate teamwork of all members and enhance the comprehensive corporate strength.

Company direction

  • We develop new fields beyond existing fields
  • From Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, We aim to become a global company with the view to the future of the world
  • Meet more clients and members,We contribute to the creation of a pleasant society