Taiyo Fine Chemicals

We, TAIYO Fine Chemicals, are the company providing service of commission manufacturing products. And we realize your hope for your products, through our knowledge and skills on the all field of chemical technology.

We, TAIYO FINE CHEMICALS CO., LTD. welcome celebration of 80th anniversary this year in 2021. We started business of regenerating lubricating oil used in machinery in aircraft in 1941. Since then, we have kept our consistent sprit “Let’s integrate our wisdom and never give up” and have started the history of the manufacture business with all our hearts. We really appreciate to your continuous support on us.

Our management philosophy, “Make our society more pleasant with full utilization of our chemical technology” means that “We want to create new connections between people and people, and between people and products by chemistry and provide new value and creation to everyone’s lives.”

Even in various situations these days, we will fulfill our social responsibilities with flexible challenging, and always work in Taiyo Holdings Group to aim for sustainable growth with clear perspectives.

We will make the best to our stakeholders with developing more reliable relationship with deep appreciation and consistent sprit. We would really appreciate if we have the continuous support and understanding from you.


MIYABE Hidekazu

President MIYABE Hidekazu