Taiyo Fine Chemicals

Industrialization from its own route

Our company began studying this dye in 1983 . This dye was hard to be manufactured because we didn’t have suitable production facility. However, Dr. Ichiro Okubo (*) was able to find a unique synthetic route. In June 1984, we succeeded in producing the product using our original synthetic method, even though we did not find any literature on similar production methods. After that, we continued to make scale up step by step and it is became our main product. This dye is not only used as a fiber coloring material, but also as an important item that supports the basic part of electronic materials, and has been demanded by clients around the world.

(*) Deceased, Director of R&D Department of Taiyo Fine Chemicals (former Chugai Kasei) and former Counselor of Mitsui Chemicals Research Laboratories


Formula of Thioflavin T


Spectrum of Thioflavin T